September 5, 2012

Where'd August Go?

Oh, yeah. Busy as all fuck. That’s going to continue for the forseeable. I’ve got a couple of posts for here that I want to get out soon: the Thirteen Tribes Translated (another bit of DLC/cutting-room-floor material for the Werewolf Translation Guide) and the third part of Stealing SEVEN.

I’m busy on account of being line developer for Werewolf: The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition.1 I’m currently redlining the first supplement, Changing Breeds, which I talk a bit about over on the W20 dev blog.

I’m insanely busy until October-ish, then merely stupidly busy until the end of the year. At some point I want to get Agents of SHADOW out, and try to get something going for a PoD version of BLACK SEVEN. But we’ll have to see if anything can come of that.

  1. I’mma call that W20 from here on out. Cool? Cool.

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