Stew Wilson likes writing about himself in the third person, but only in colophons.

He’s a freelance writer. Mostly, he writes roleplaying games. A whole bunch of those have been published by the old White Wolf Game Studios and Onyx Path Publishing in their World of Darkness and Chronicles of Darkness lines. He also publishes his own RPGs: Æternal LegendsBLACK SEVEN and a whole bunch of others. People keep hiring him, so he must be doing something right. He also writes fiction and factual essays, and has written cookbooks, comics, and graphic novels.

An adopted Scotsman, Stew was born in Hull in the East Riding of Yorkshire. He spent the first eighteen years of his life trying to escape, and has got as far as Edinburgh. His route took him via Stafford, Munich, and a worrying hour-and-a-half in Slough. Along the way he picked up a degree in computer science and mathematics. He also ran the UNIX network of a large German company even though he doesn’t speak much German, held a job as a software tester despite not giving a shit about software testing, and worked as a banker despite being an anarchocollectivist.

Stew lives with his cats, too many computers, and almost enough whisky (because enough is impossible). His day job is as a cross-platform systems administrator, finding ways to make sure that Windows, Linux, and macOS all work together smoothly. He also writes web apps, even though he quite clearly hasn’t the first idea about web design.

His social media presence includes Mastodon, Dreamwidth, and good old email (though he prefers it encrypted).