December 23, 2011


In the time I’ve been quiet:

  • I’ve written and submitted the Werewolf Translation Guide for White Wolf.
  • I’ve got some exciting news about Æternal Legends.
  • I’ve got some more exciting news from White Wolf, which should see me writing for them until March on something that I’ve always wanted a crack at.
  • I’m wrestling with some design elements that have halted progress on Through.
  • I’ve got a couple of old ideas climbing out of the recesses of my brain and asking me to write them.

Which is all nice. Over the coming couple of weeks, I’m going to post the short half-ideas to get an idea of what I should be working on when I have a chance; any and all feedback on them would be highly appreciated.

And while the post office is straining under the stress of χmas and related holidays, you can still get the gamer in your life some electronic goodies. I’ve been having a great time with the Mistborn Adventure Game. If you’re after something that strips away the surface patina of D&D-esque games, you can’t really go wrong with Homicidal Transients1. And with Deus Ex: Human Revolution in the Steam sale (other digital distributors are available, void where prohibited), what better time to take a potential Game of the Year to your tabletop with BLACK SEVEN?

[1: Unless you want a book that hates the whole mindset, in which case Greg Costikyan’s Violence is for you. ]{.small}


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