July 7, 2011


I’m working on a game. It’s a game about ghosts, but it isn’t set up to tell ghost stories. More of a You died. What next?” setup, playing to the needs and desires of people after the most significant change they’ll ever encounter.

I’d originally been calling it Through the Ebon Gate. Unfortunately, I was plugging in to the noosphere for ghostly titles, as that’s the title Christopher Simmons used for his Geist SAS. I don’t want to look like I’m piggybacking on that title—and it’s a good enough title that I don’t want to dilute it.

This does leave me with a problem: I’ve got a game with no name. The only option my sleep-deprived brain is cooking up is things like After|LIFE, and it’s not the late 1990s any more.

Thus, I throw it open to the joys of the lazyweb: Should I stick with TTEG? Or TGFKATTEG? Is After|LIFE nowhere near as horribly dated as I’ve lead myself to believe? Or do you have the perfect name for this game, just straining to get out? That’s what the comment field is for.


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