July 6, 2011

Moving On

Let’s face it: Zero Point Information has been long overdue a makeover, and it’s been increasingly clear that my lacklustre web design skills are not fit for purpose. I can hand-write good, clean, semantic HTML. I can style it to be functional, readable, and accessible. I can’t make the fucker look pretty for love nor money. Fortunately, I can twist my love of typography and fonts into something that looks kinda-sorta like a logo.

And so a change. I’ve moved the content of the old zeropointinformation.com site to this new blog framework, and stuck redirects in so that any old links will go to the right place as if by magic. The only ones missing are contact” and links” and, well, no bugger ever used those pages. So they’re dead. Contact has been subsumed into the about me” pages. Links has been replaced by the blogroll at right. Not that I expect anyone to use it, but hey. Links make the web work.

The root of Zero Point Information now has a spiffy uncluttered landing page, an idea cribbed unashamedly from others including Will Hindmarch. Hopefully he doesn’t mind too much.

I used to think of ZPI as a static site, but that’s really not good enough right now. I want a place where I can come to be a game designer, rather than a writer/game-designer/sysadmin/Windows-wrangler/chef/geek. So in addition to the product release updates that used to hit ZPI, the new site will see a fair bit more about game design, especially as it relates to the second edition of Æternal Legends and The Game Formerly Known In My Head As TTEG.

I’m also crossposting entries here to Dreamwidth, where I do most of my normal blogging. That in turn cross-posts to Livejournal, where I still have a lot of readers, and from there into Google Buzz. It’s a long chain of crossposts.

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