April 18, 2013

Games for Good Deeds

I’ve got some spare books going as a result of Conpulsion: three copies of Æternal Legends and one of BLACK SEVEN. I don’t want to just sell them, because DriveThruRPG, Indie Press Revolution, and Lulu already do that for me.

Instead, I’m going to give them away. Inspired by all around fantastic human being Avery Alder, you can get one by doing good deeds.

It’s fairly simple: You do good deeds, you let me know what you’ve done by sending me an email, and on the 17th of May I’ll pick people who have emailed at random to receive a free book. I’ll cover shipping. If you don’t get a printed book, you’ll get to choose between a free electronic copy of either Æternal Legends or the ANIMUS complete pack (BLACK SEVEN and ANIMUS). Everyone who tells me about a good deed gets something in return, I promise.

Details: you need to do a couple of normal” good deeds, or one significant” deed. Both those terms are in quotes because even one normal deed can make a real change to someone’s life. Examples of both categories are below, but don’t let these limit you: you get to judge what counts as a good deed and as long as it’s not an obvious attempt to game the rules, I’ll happily accept it.

Normal” deeds include:

  • Donating to charity (I’m personally a fan of Amnesty International, Médecins Sans Frontières, and Marie Curie Cancer Care). $10/€8/£5 or equivalent in your local currency1 is enough to qualify.
  • Spend an hour volunteering at a soup kitchen, homeless shelter, charity, or local non-profit organization.
  • Bake a loaf or bread or batch of muffins and give them to someone you know who would appreciate them.
  • Take a bag of clothes to a homeless shelter.
  • Drop off a big bag of books at a charity shop.

Significant” things you can do:

  • Set aside a full day to help someone you know to move house.
  • Commit to a weekly volunteer position and complete the first few weeks.
  • Donate blood or platelets. I’m aware that the restrictions on blood donation are needlessly discriminatory, but people need blood and just about nowhere has enough.
  • Help a friend who is looking for work with both writing a CV/resumé and the longer process of finding a job.

Email me and tell me what you’ve done. I’ll hook you up with free stuff on May 17th, which also happens to be my birthday.

Assuming this idea has legs, it’s just the start of a longer-term plan to give people my games in exchange for good deeds.

  1. Values roughly equivalent at time of writing; designed to be a round number for people in the same country as I am. Suck it up for charity.

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