April 16, 2013

Free Game for @Conpulsion People

Conpulsion was pretty damn fantastic. I got to meet a number of people who I’ve only known online up to now and really reconnect with the Scottish gaming scene. I’m fired up and ready to go. Nothing to do with drinking that much Red Bull, oh no.

One of the side effects of meeting so many people was giving out cards so they’ve got my email address without having to write it down (yes, I’m sad enough to have business cards). Now, I know that’s kinda old-fashioned, especially among gamers, so I’ve got a way to make those cards useful to you.

If you were at Conpulsion, drop me an email and you’ll get a free copy of the premium laid-out version of Beyond — my ghost-themed two page game — as a thanks for making the con so great. If you’re too cool for email, send me an @reply or DM on Twitter, a message through Google+, or whatever other means the cool kids are using these days. Just as long as it’s not Facebook, as I’m allergic.

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