July 1, 2019

Changing Up & Patreonising

While I’m pretty sure nobody will notice, I’ve changed the theme for the blog. All the menus, categories, and generic crap that litters every page is now hidden neatly away, leaving just the text to speak for itself, as it should be. Makes things easier for me to find old posts to reference when making something new, and hopefully it looks good for people reading as well. Not that anyone does; the sparseness of updates here is something I want to fix, but…

The lack of updates is down to a couple of things. One is ideas; I’m not out of them, but sticking things up here doesn’t have a lot of visibility and I don’t want to post random crap That’s what I have social networks for1. This blog is meant to be for game design, and my muse is a fickle beast. It doesn’t help that any post here has to go through the Wordpress editing interface, which is a pile of lukewarm dogshit that gets worse with every release. The ongoing inability of a website to let me type in fucking markdown rather than some godawful WYSIKWYGIYLADTTDAI2 bullshit3 seriously limits my willingness to engage with it. I’m hoping that some tinkering with my toolchain4 may help with that, but whether such a thing is a) possible and b) functional remains to be seen.

Anyway! In far more important news, I should probably mention here that I have a Patreon, the idea being that if I can somehow get a little bit of cash for the little games that live in my head I’m more likely to do something with them. Because posting them up here wasn’t really doing much for me, and unfortunately life under a capitalist reignite requires transformation of labour into cash. But still, come and back me. You don’t pay until/unless I release something, and you get to see how the sausage is made (whether you want to or not).

Please do come and back it, it’s the kick up the arse my muse needs to get anything done.

  1. That and calling politicians worthless scum who could only benefit humanity by going extinct, of course.

  2. What You See Is Kinda What You Get If You’re Lucky And Don’t Try To Do Anything Interesting.

  3. Facebook’s started doing that too. But only sometimes. Basic text formatting used to be reserved for notes, but now it’s for every post. Sometimes. If your browser session happened to start in the correct phase of the moon to get into their A/B testing and you never change. Total fuckers.

  4. About which another post is brewing.

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