February 2, 2013

Beyond on Sale

I’ve put together a fully laid out version of Beyond. It’s now on sale through DriveThruRPG. The original text version will remain online indefinitely, this version is fully laid-out. If you enjoy Beyond and want to say thank you” with money, please consider buying this version.

If you need me to sell you on it some more, Beyond is what happens when you take all the ideas behind Through and condense it down to two A4 pages. You do lose a couple of things in the translation:

1) The wider setting. One of the things I liked about Wraith was everything going on beyond the Shadowlands. So you had the Ghost of Empire and the Ghost of Heresy and the Ghost of Rebellion all mixed up in each other’s grill, and you had the Tempest and the Labyrinth and all of that, and I want to bring some of that back with Through because it makes the game properly about the dead qua the dead, rather than the dead as they interact with people.

2) Emotional conflict in the characters. Through has the idea that the only reason that ghosts have independent capabilities is because they have conflicting passions, those with just one passion are mindless fanatics and those with none end up as building material. Instead of Throughs four or five passions, Beyond only uses one.

At this point, Through will take a lot of work to get from what I’ve got to a real thing; it’s one of those bits that I started then got stupidly busy with. As it is, Beyond is maybe 75% of what I wanted to do with Through and will likely serve as the basis of any further work I do on it.

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