February 1, 2013


The February Game Design Contest on Something Awful is all about designing a game that fits on two pages of single-spaced 12pt Times New Roman. That’s the sort of thing I can get into.

Now, I don’t really do things by halves, so instead of doing an outline, then part one, then part two, then a playtest and all of that guff, I just sat down and wrote a two page game. It’s about ghosts. It’s got the essence of what I want to do with Through, but with a bit more of a focus on ghosts interacting with humans, rather than the ghosts of society.

I’ve put the raw text online as a Google doc, to demonstrate that yes, it does fit into the size limit. Please check it out; I’ve left comments open on the doc. I’m tempted to format it for an official release type thing, but I’d appreciate any feedback you’re willing to give based on just those two pages.

free gaming Playtest Through

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