Æternal Legends

Æternal Legends is the roleplaying game of fantasy heroes in the modern world.

Originally released in 2007, Æternal Legends features heroes empowered by their own beliefs living in a hidden world alongside modern humanity. They face down agents of the Dark, heroes who have profaned their own beliefs in service to the old gods.

One person in twenty is Aware to the world of magic around them. Witches and alchemists ply their trade in backstreet markets and Pocket Kingdoms unseen by the mundane population. Elves and orcs run corporations, gnomes create fantastic devices in back room workshops, dwarves front heavy metal bands, goblins lead gangs for good and ill, and trolls work as bodyguards and enforcers.

A special few become Legends: epic heroes empowered to fight evil by the strength of their beliefs. A Legend’s quests can turn her into an avatar of magic, or pit her against Da’ath, the Dark Lord of the Abyss. Idealism is more than just a buzzword—it’s the source of magical power.

Æternal Legends is:

  • 158 pages of modern-era fantasy RPG; a non-watermarked landscape-format PDF.
  • Powered by the Ready 2 Run system, which emphasises fast character creation and detailed action, with enough room to suit a wide range of campaigns.
  • Easy to use, a group needs nothing more than a handful of six-sided dice, pencils, and paper to play.
  • Broad in scope, every Legend has a path to enlightenment and glory. His Beliefs, in the form of game traits, give him power—whether he honours or betrays them.

Æternal Legends is available as a PDF from DriveThruRPG. Print copies are available from Lulu; Print + PDF bundles are available at Indie Press Revolution.


 The Ties That Bind This introductory adventure for 2-6 players features islands in the sky, harpies, mad Darksiders, the Pocket Kingdom of Heavenside, and a hydra at a rock concert. Use it with the Character Pack for an evening of instant action!

 Character Pack The Character Pack contains six sample characters, linked through their shared past. The included character sheets have all the information starting players need on every character’s capabilities, from the powers of Clade and Sphere to spells and weapons. ZIP file containing two PDF documents.

 Character Sheet [PDF] The character sheet from the Æternal Legends rulebook, in PDF format for easy printing.

 Character Sheet [DOC] An editable version of the character sheet from the Character Pack, in DOC format.