December 11, 2019

On the Slate

Since kicking off my Patreon, my muse has given me ideas! Not the time or energy to push them to completion (yet), but ideas are a good start. So this is what’s currently on my slate.

Lasers & Feelings hacks

More Lasers & Feelings hacks, including versions for 80s style cyberpunk, 90s conspiranoia, and post-apocalyptic survival.

You are the lost and forgotten of THE CITY. You run odd jobs for your fellow dispossessed to make ends meet, but you don’t have the money or power to change things. Three hours ago you went out to steal a new regulator chip to repair Tran’s cyber-spine. Now you’re standing over a DEAD EXECUTIVE with a briefcase of FIVE MILLION EURO in your hands and a CORPORATE SECURITY TEAM speeding towards you.

Say you want a revolution?


Monster hunting in the modern world, powered by the Resistance Engine (the rules behind the amazing Spire: The City Must Fall.

They say the meek will inherit the earth, but you know the truth. Monsters roam the streets, preying on normal people. Vampires run corporations and governments alike. Werewolves prey on the lost and forgotten. Sorcerers amass wealth and power by dealing the souls of normal people. And the dead have a hard time staying buried. Face it: The meek ain’t gonna inherit shit.

You see the creatures for what they are. You have heard the Word and the Word is Truth. The Word let you see beyond the lies. The Word gave you the power to fight for what is right. The Word lets you revolt against the horrors that rule the world.

This power means you are no longer meek. Even if you cast off the yoke of the supernatural, your time is limited. Everyone who hears the Word dies within a year. But you know the Truth, and the Truth drives you to make the most of the time you have left.

The Truth is this: You will make the world a better place, and you will die trying.

Meat is Murder

Satirical hypercapitalist cyberpunk, spun off from a post here and sold for money. Because what you are ain’t worth dick compared to what you’ve bought.

I’ve figured out how to make this into the first tabletop RPG with loot boxes.

Space Rats

Cons, heists, and casinos IN SPAAAAAAACE! Bounce from casino-station to pleasure-carrier, trying to get home one heist, con, and running gun battle at a time. If you’re lucky, you can stay one step ahead of the military (whose starship you stole), the casino owners (whose money you stole), and the law (because they’re the law, duh).

Featuring a system that’s kinda blackjack-if-you-squint, lots of chips, cards, and (if I can figure out a way to make it fun) possibly a roulette wheel.

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