Tales of the Space Marines

This is not a game about ultraviolent imperialsm.

This is a game about being an ultraviolent imperialist. 

Many games show the terrifying efficacy of genetically-engineered posthuman killing machines on the battlefield, comitting casual genocide on all manner of alien species, and those who aren’t human enough for their liking. Tales of the Space Marines is a satirical game telling the humorous and sometimes poignant stories of how these agents of a hegemonising fascist space-empire try to maintain a sense of individuality and humanity away from the fighting.

Spoilers: They don’t often succeed, but it’s usually quite funny.

Tales of the Space Marines is a two-page story-focused RPG with shared GM responsibility. It uses two colours of ten-sided dice for resolution. Poker chips or other markers will come in handy. It’s available Pay-What-You-Want from DriveThruRPG.