As Rich Thomas revealed at GenCon, I stepped back as developer of Werewolf: The Forsaken and Werewolf: The Apocalypse developer at Onyx Path a year and a half ago.

I didn’t say anything at the time as I was finishing the books I’d started — W20: Changing Ways and the Pentex Employee Handbook — but I have not started work on any new projects.

It was my decision as the amount of work at my day-job has stepped up considerably, and I am no longer able to give the lines the attention and time that they deserve. I’m not leaving the industry, but I’m back to doing writing and game design under the guidance and development of others. I’m also going to keep working on my own games, as I can take them at my own pace. I have nothing but respect for Rich and Rose and look forwards to the chance to write on Onyx Path books in the future.


4 Responses to Stepping Back

  1. Atavist says:

    Rich (or whoever made the announcement at the panel) did say you were nice about it but it’s still a bummer to find out, especially so late. I hope things get easier for you at work.

  2. Chris Allen says:

    *Salutes* Honour to have worked with you, sir.

    Honestly, I think I was very lucky that you were the first line developer I worked under at Onyx Path, and I am still somewhat in awe of your excellent solutions to some of the issues that Forsaken faced in its update to 2nd edition.

    I wish you all the best for the future!

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