One thing that the Werewolf Translation Guide had running against it was the sheer size of both Apocalypse and Forsaken. Seriously, these are two really fucking huge games. Both games introduce an animistic spirit world into their respective World of Darkness, while also detailing the shapeshifting half-spirit protagonists and their adversaries.

The Werewolf Translation Guide had a budget of just 30,000 words. We had to be careful what went in to each chapter. One thing that we prioritised was tools for taking just one element of a game to the other. That’s why we’ve got Apocalypse writeups for Irraka and Elodoth, for example. And that’s why the Thirteen Tribes came across as lodges—the concept of “tribe” is on a sufficiently larger scale in Forsaken that putting the Thirteen Tribes at the same level of the Tribes of the Moon breaks a lot of cosmological assumptions.

But what if you want to replace the Tribes of the Moon with the Garou Nation? Well, that’s where this guide comes in handy.

Tribe Characteristics

Each tribe has a few important bits in Forsaken: a primary category of Renown, and a set of three available Gift lists. Each tribe also needs a Ban that speaks to the character of the tribe.

Each tribe has a choice of two sets of Gift lists. The first set draws only on the Gift lists available in Werewolf: The Forsaken. The second set provides greater variation by drawing on Gift lists in supplements, including The Rage, Blood of the Wolf, and Lore of the Forsaken. If you have the additional books, you may want to use the expanded Gifts, but as always, check with the Storyteller first.

The following listings don’t describe much of the tribe’s character. It assumes you’ve already got a copy of Werewolf: The Apocalypse for reference.

Black Furies

Pegasus’ chosen have the tribal Ban: Let no place of the Wyld be violated
Starting Gifts: Elemental, Nature, Strength
Expanded Gifts: Nature, Strength, Predator†
Primary Renown: Purity

Bone Gnawers

The chosen of Rat hold to a simple ban: Honor the City and it will provide.
Starting Gifts: Evasion, Shaping, Stealth
Expanded Gifts: Evasion, Shaping, Urban§
Primary Renown: Cunning

Children of Gaia

Unicorn’s chosen have the Ban: Pay each Garou in kind.
Starting Gifts: Evasion, Insight, Warding
Expanded Gifts: Blending†, Insight, Pack†
Primary Renown: Wisdom


Stag’s brood hold to the Ban: Do not allow caution to stay your hand.
Starting Gifts: Inspiration, Nature, Rage
Expanded Gifts: Battle†, Inspiration, Rage
Primary Renown: Glory

Get of Fenris

The Fenrir have the tribal Ban: Offer no surrender that you would not accept.
Starting Gifts: Dominance, Rage, Strength
Expanded Gifts: Battle†, Dominance, Strength
Primary Renown: Glory

Glass Walkers

Cockroach’s children hold to the Ban: Use every tool to fight the Wyrm.
Starting Gifts: Knowledge, Shaping, Technology
Expanded Gifts: Knowledge, Technology, City‡
Primary Renown: Cunning

Red Talons

Chosen of Griffin, the Red Talons hold to the Ban: Let no space in your territory be violated.
Starting Gifts: Elemental, Nature, Rage
Expanded Gifts: Nature, Predator†, Stalking†
Primary Renown: Purity

Shadow Lords

Grandfather Thunders’ chosen Garou hold to the Ban: Allow no-one to witness or tend to your weakness.
Starting Gifts: Dominance, Elemental, Weather
Expanded Gifts: Dominance, Weather, Weakness†
Primary Renown: Honor

Silent Striders

Chosen of Owl, the Silent Striders hold to the Ban: Honor the dead and the living in equal measure.
Starting Gifts: Death, Insight, Stealth
Expanded Gifts: Death, Endurance†, Insight
Primary Renown: Cunning

Silver Fangs

Falcon’s chosen leaders, the Silver Fangs’ Ban is: Leave no challenge to your leadership unanswered.
Starting Gifts: Dominance, Inspiration, Insight
Expanded Gifts: Alpha†, Inspiration, Insight
Primary Renown: Honor


Children of Chimera, the dream-spirit, the Stargazers hold to the ban: Let no-one force you onto an unwise path
Starting Gifts: Insight, Rage, Warding
Expanded Gifts: Endurance†, Insight, Rage
Primary Renown: Wisdom


One of the tribes to share their totem’s name, Uktena’s ban for his tribe is: Pay each spirit in kind.
Starting Gifts: Death, Insight, Knowledge
Expanded Gifts: Blood‡, Death, Insight
Primary Renown: Wisdom


Chosen of the cannibal-spirit, the Wendigo hold to the ban: Honor your territory in all things.
Starting Gifts: Rage, Strength, Weather
Expanded Gifts: Battle†, Rage, Weather
Primary Renown: Purity

†: From The Rage
‡: From Lore of the Forsaken
§: From Blood of the Wolf

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