Mass Effecting the Thousand Suns is my hack of James Maliszewski’s Thousand Suns RPG—my go-to game for all manner of traditional SF roleplaying when I’m in a mood for something other than Trinity—to tackle one of the most gameable science fiction universes of recent years. Yes, I am of course referring to Farscape.

Despite Mass Effect 3 being released today in the UK1, I’ve not included anything from the Mass Effect games in the file. Partly, that’s because it’s all new stuff that will take time and energy to assimilate and translate into a rules framework. Mostly, it’s because my copy didn’t show up today despite being dispatched three days ago. I’m currently frothing and ready to kill someone. That’s surely the perfect mood in which to learn page layout in a whole new program, including the happy fun discovery that it can’t do something that you actually need for another project. I’m drifting.

Mass Effecting the Thousand Suns

  1. Four days after the US release. Because electrons can apparently only make the transatlantic voyage by tramp steamer, if you listen to major game distributors. Who are fucking idiots.