As part of moving Æternal Legends from Mob United Media to Zero Point Information, we’ve had to do some re-arrangement of products at our various storefronts.

ZPI is now on Lulu. If you’re after a print copy of Æternal Legends, you can get it. If you want a PDF of Æternal Legends, well, you can get that too. And if you want to get Touched by Darkness or BLACK SEVEN along with your order, you can.

Alternatively, you can get a PDF of Æternal Legends from DriveThruRPG. The link’s the same as it ever was, but this time it’s on the Zero Point Information storefront. I’ve also thrown Touched by Darkness up there as well.

If you get electronic copies of Touched by Darkness or BLACK SEVEN from Lulu, you only get the screen-formatted PDF. If you want the .zip with epub files and all the extra gubbins, drop me an email and I’ll hook you up.

I’m aware that this post is fair packed with links. But I’m an indie RPG publisher, if I didn’t linkdump now and again I’d hardly sell anything.