Do you like stealth action games like Deus Ex, Alpha Protocol, and No One Lives Forever? Do you like tabletop roleplaying games? Then I think you’ll like BLACK SEVEN, my latest creation.

BLACK SEVEN is an independent espionage organisation that undertakes deniable operations deemed too politically sensitive for governments, corporations, or private individuals.

Stripped of the marketing speak, BLACK SEVEN’s Agents break in to places, sneak around, steal data, beat up guards, hack computers, get into running gun battles, and occasionally assassinate people. Sometimes, they do this for Queen and Country. Sometimes, it’s for God, America, and Mom’s Apple Pie. And sometimes it’s because a nice lady with an indiscriminately European accent handed over a suitcase containing five million in non-sequential fifties as a downpayment.

It’s ten minutes into the future. You live a life of luxury, at least until you get the call from BLACK SEVEN. Then, you go to risk your life. Whether you do it for the money, for the safety of the free world, or to expand the definition of the “free world” is up to you. All Control cares about is that you get the job done.


47 pages of modern espionage RPG inspired by stealth-action games like Deus Ex, Alpha Protocol, and Splinter Cell.

An abstract system for representing position and stealth without the need for maps or precise measurements.

Focused on stealth action with Agents defined by what actions they take when infiltrating an enemy facility.

Creative Commons licensed, so one purchase feeds the gaming needs of a whole group. If you like it and got it for free, I hope you buy it.

Multiformat, including the rules and a sample adventure in PDF and ePub format, and a host of PDF reference sheets—including a business-card sized Agent Record.

It’s available from DriveThruRPG for the measly price of just $3! Go grab it!

(That’s three dollars, said with some excitement. Not three-factorial dollars. Sorry for any mathematicians I worried with the price there.)

7 Responses to BLACK SEVEN Released!

  1. Horza says:

    As it happens, I do quite like that genre* and I’ve just been playing through Deus Ex again prior to the release of the new game.

    That’s one sale, Stew 🙂

    I’ve not had a chance to run it yet (obviously) but on a first read through it looks like good material.

    *This may be an understatement.

    • Stew says:

      Glad it looks good. Can’t wait to hear of folks running it.

      I should possibly look into a wiki so people can share Missions.

  2. NelC says:

    Factorial three dollars would only be six dollars. So, you know, still not wildly expensive.

    • Stew says:

      Wow. Avalicious doesn’t like your LJ icon. Damn you, random wordpress plugin!

      You’re right that factorial three dollars wouldn’t be wildly expensive, but it would be twice what I’m actually charging. 🙂

  3. NelC says:

    Ew! Sorry about that. 🙁 I left the website off this reply, maybe it’ll be happier.

  4. DTMac says:

    Downloaded your game the other day, sir, from the DTRPG site. Have really enjoyed it so far; always play the stealthy types in games when I can. Loved the first Deus Ex…really couldn’t stand the second, which is fine, because the computer couldn’t play it well either. Was aware of Splinter Cell, but never really had access until picking up (and falling in love with) Conviction this last week, which as I understand it, is the most “stealth action-y” of the series.

    I love what you’ve done with Traits and Attributes (though am sometimes still confused about Shout and Scare) and simply adore you for your system of setting up Missions and Facilities and Milestones.

    I done some semi-Narrativist play with my group, but I come from a tabletop war-gaming background, so I really struggled to set up a scene without concrete ideas of who’s where and how far and so on. Your system helps me tremendously.

    So thank you, sir! Very much!
    (And sorry for necro-ing an old thread)

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